A Sudbury School

Real Trust.

Real Freedom.

Real Learning.


The Kokosing Valley School is part of an international network of schools based on the Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts.  Sudbury schools are run democratically, ensuring that each student’s voice is heard and valued.  Children are trusted with the freedom and responsibility to direct their own education. Graduates move into their adult lives self-confident, articulate, resourceful and motivated.

KVS is the only Sudbury School in Ohio, and is located in the small rural town of Gambier, Ohio.  It sits on 19 acres of forest and meadow, and students have free range of the outdoors at all times.  Students are the caretakers of their own time, education and environment.


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We welcome visiting families to come for an informal conversation with our admission committee.  Students may schedule a visiting day during school hours at any time!   Just send an email to info@kokosingvalleyschool.org to schedule your visit.

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To contact us for more info email us at:          info@kokosingvalleyschool.org