Kokosing Valley School has an open admissions policy and does not require any transcripts from previous schools nor do we base admission on previous academic performance. It is essential that each prospective family develop a good understanding of our educational approach and be willing to support their child in pursuing his or her own interests. It is also important to determine that students are able to be fairly independent and fully responsible for themselves at school.

Being a student at Kokosing Valley School carries substantial freedom and substantial responsibility. Willing participation is essential. Family support of the student and the school’s program are also vitally important to the student’s successful experience.

Students may enroll at any time before or during the school year.  Unless we have reached our enrollment cap for the year, we will accept students who follow the enrollment process below throughout the year.

Enrollment Process:

Step 1:  Learn about Kokosing Valley School

To explore if this is the right choice for your family, we encourage you to take some time to learn about us and what it would be like for your child to become a part of the school community. There are many ways to learn about Kokosing Valley School. For example, join us for an open house, attend an information session, call and speak to a staff member, or request more information. We strongly encourage all parents to read “Free At Last” or “The Sudbury Valley School Experience” available on the Sudbury Valley School Press website, and to look into the links on our 'more info' page.

Step 2:  Fill out the Enrollment Questionnaire

After gaining a preliminary understanding of the school and the Sudbury model, families that are interested in enrolling their children should complete the following questionnaire.  We ask that both parents and the children answer the questions.  After submitting the questionnaire, we will contact you to set up an enrollment meeting within one week of receiving it.  Click here for the questionnaire.

Step 3: Enrollment Meeting

Within one week of submitting the questionnaire, we will contact you to set up an enrollment meeting.  This meeting is between the school admissions committee, the parents and the children enrolling in the school.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Sudbury School model, and to share everyone's perspectives.  We hold this meeting so that everyone has the same understanding and expectations of the student, the staff and the school experience.

Step 4: Visiting Week

Once an enrollment meeting has taken place, each family will fill out a visiting week packet including a $95 visiting week fee, and will make arrangements for a visiting week.   For families enrolling at the beginning of the school year, this fee will be deducted from the annual tuition.  Visiting week requires 5 full, consecutive days at school for the student.  The visiting week allows the student to experience the Sudbury philosophy firsthand and to determine if the school is right for him or her, and allows School Meeting to assess the student's readiness to enroll. 

Step 5:  Enroll

Once a visiting week has taken place, and the School Meeting and the family agree that it is a good fit for the student, each family will have a one week window in which to formally enroll their child.  For families enrolling at the beginning of the school year, and for whom the visiting week was successful, enrollment may begin immediately.  To formally enroll, a non-refundable $500 deposit should be submitted to the school or mailed to:  P.O. Box 573, Gambier OH 43022. 

1 Month & 3 Month Follow Ups

After 1 month of attendance, and again at 3 months, students and their family will meet to check in, discuss any questions and address any concerns.  This is an opportunity for everyone to make sure the school is a good fit.  Until the 3 month check-in, students and families may withdraw without penalty.  Following the 3-month meeting, KVS will consider the student formally enrolled and committed to completing the school year.


Students will be accepted until the enrollment cap is reached for the school year.  Once the cap is reached, students will be placed on a waiting list, and will be allowed to enroll based on availability throughout the school year.

Kokosing Valley School admits students of any race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, national and ethnic origin and welcomes families of every composition.